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Ackroyd's Bakery

Traditional Beef Sausage Rolls (4 Pack)

Traditional Beef Sausage Rolls (4 Pack)

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Millions of Sausage Rolls are sold in United Kingdom each year! In the United States, sausage rolls are a lesser known delicacy but we have been baking them for over 70 years. Sausage rolls are a blend of beef sausage, onion, and mild spices rolled and baked in our handmade puff pastry.

Looking for Bridies? We have added onion to our beef sausage rolls to give that Bridie flavor. In fact, we could call these "Bridie Rolls," because the filling is identical to Bridie filling.

Do you miss our Small Sausage Rolls? Simply cut these into 1/2 or 1/3 and bake.

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