Shipping Policies

We are absolutely honored that you would like us to ship food to your door. Each and every order we receive is hand packed to the particular specifications of the order.

FREE GROUND OR 3 DAY SELECT SHIPPING AVAILABLE ON ORDERS OVER $99 OR $134.99 depending on your location. More details below.

All meat products are shipped frozen and should arrive to your door cold, not necessarily frozen. Savory items should be placed in the freezer immediately upon receipt. If you choose to refrigerate the items, please enjoy within 3 days.

Every order is shipped using reusable frozen gel ice packs and, if needed, dry ice. Prior to shipping, we take note of the temperatures of the final destination. Each order is then packed with enough ice packs to last the duration of shipping. Whether it's the height of summer temps or the depths of winter temps, we are confident your food will arrive cold and in great shape.  

However, please be aware that shipping perishable and fragile items is not easy. Sometimes your food may arrive cracked, broken, in pieces, etc. Food never leaves our facility in that shape, but shipping can be tough on food. Try as we might, your pies and sweets may arrive broken, we apologize for that.

We ship with both UPS and FedEx. We have simplified our shipping rates to flat rates that reflect OUR cost to ship to you. $22.99/$27.99/$29.99/$49.99 flat rates are reflective of the distance traveled and price we are charged to ship food to you. Remember, we are carefully shipping perishable food to you. This is not cheap. We also only have one shipping location, unlike some of corporate competitors who have warehouses all over the United States.

Cancelled Orders are subject to a 10% restocking fee. This is in place to guard the excessive fees involved in operating a business like ours. Please do not cancel or place a second "replacement" order without contacting us first.

Ground Shipping (home delivery) is included in orders over $99. This is subject to weather patterns and may not be available to the entire United States all year round. There is a $125 charge for orders over $150 on those being shipped to Alaska or Hawaii. Please note: GROUND SHIPPING is not guaranteed by either carrier. This means there is no recourse for us or the customer should a package arrive one day late or more. Furthermore, the estimated arrival dates for orders shipped GROUND are estimated and cannot be guaranteed.

Due to the costly nature of shipping perishable goods, we cannot reship orders that choose ground shipping to the following states:  Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah,  Washington, and Wyoming. We do offer free 3 Day Select shipping to those states on orders over $134.99. Please note, during certain times of year, 3 day ground shipping may be available to these states. We will choose ground over 3 day select during those times. This will usually occur when shipping to Texas or Nevada. 

During the summer months, ground shipping is not an option to the above states. Free shipping can only be reached if you spend $134.99 or more. This is to ensure your food reaches you in the best shape possible.

As a general rule, nearly all lower peninsula Michigan zip codes and some zip codes in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois are one day ground shipping distance from our location. For example, if you order on Monday, we ship on Tuesday, and you will receive on Wednesday (under ideal circumstances - these times may increase during the holidays).

Take note of your estimated delivery date at checkout, please. We are a small business that is unable to communicate every step of our process to you. We work diligently to make sure every estimated delivery date is met either on or before the estimate. If your order will be held past the estimated delivery date, we will contact you with the reason. Please keep in mind these dates are ESTIMATED. If you need an order by a particular date or if you need us to hold an order for whatever reason, please contact us via the order notes or send us an email

We do request understanding as we are a seasonal business. This means as we approach holidays, order volume increases. That means you may receive an order well passed the estimated date, but we will try to communicate potential delays. For example, orders placed between Thanksgiving and our Christmas shipping cutoff (this changes depending on the year), are guaranteed to arrive by Christmas. In most cases, they will arrive sooner than Christmas Eve, but we cannot guarantee anything besides that during our busiest time of year.

Please note that we are unable to ship to PO Boxes. 

We cannot offer refunds or reships on orders where the shipping address is incorrectly typed by the customer. If we incorrectly type an address, we will gladly offer a reship or refund. Please be extra careful when typing an address.

Under no circumstances should you refuse a package from us if you placed an order. We ship perishable items, so refusal indicates that you have not examined the package. Refusing a package, unless specifically told to by Ackroyd's, will result in a forfeiture of your order along with any refund or reship you may be entitled to if the food does not arrive in proper shape. 

If we are shipping to a business, shipments cannot be delivered on weekends. This also includes personal mailboxes at places like PakMail or the post office.

If you need your food by a particular date or if you have any special requests, please let us know in order comments section in the checkout.

Sending a gift? Please notify the person receiving the gift that a package will be arriving at or around the esitmated delivery date. We CANNOT provide refunds on purchases due to packages sitting outside for long periods of time. If you'd like us to put a note in the box, please let us know in the order comments, 

We will do the best we can to ship orders in a timely fashion. 3 and 4 Day orders are normally shipped on Monday or Tuesday. 1 and 2 day orders are shipped at our discretion with speed and efficiency in mind.

Our goal is to get your food to you as soon as possible. The worst case scenario would be 10 days from order to receipt.

If you would like your food faster, 2 day and 3 day shipping states are able to pay for expedited shipping. Expedited shipping is paid for at the customer's behest and will be honored by Ackroyd's at the soonest possible time.

Shipping costs are one of the single largest costs we incur as a small business. While we are offered discounts by our shipping partners, they hardly alleviate the dent the shipping cost puts into each package we ship. The cost of the item you're ordering has nothing to do with the shipping cost. Shipping costs is calculated by box dimensions & weight (for a point of reference, please see UPS Simple Rate; our smallest box is 1000 cubic inches). We also pack each box by hand with enough gel ice packs to ensure your food arrives cold and safe to consume. Rather than drastically increasing our prices and offering "free" shipping, we take the transparent route of allowing customers to choose to pay for shipping or spend $99 or $134.99  for included shipping. We call it "included," because shipping is never truly "free." 

During the holiday season, particularly between November and December, we ask for some grace and understanding when it comes to estimated shipping/delivery dates. You will notice that orders placed by our holiday deadline will arrive before Christmas - that's the only promise we can make. If you would like to purchase expedited shipping, we ship your order at the earliest possible time keeping the perishable nature of our items in mind.

Credit Cards & Digital payments are processed at the time of ordering in accordance with FTC guidelines ( As stated by the FTC, if your order does not ship within 30 days, you will be notified of the delay. 30 days is a long time, so our policy is to contact within 10 days should there be a hold up. 

 Updated July 12, 2024