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Ackroyd's Scotch Eggs (2 Pack) - PLEASE READ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

Ackroyd's Scotch Eggs (2 Pack) - PLEASE READ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

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We start with a boiled egg then wrap it in our handmade pork sausage then we dip it in an egg mixture, roll it in corn flakes, and bake it. Scotch Eggs are quintessential Scottish pub food and we are thrilled to be shipping them nationwide. PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend freezing Scotch Eggs. They should be consumed within 3 days of receiving them.  Scotch Eggs are released on Fridays as time allows. Curbside pickup can be scheduled immediately. Shipping orders will be held until the following Monday or Tuesday. 

May 17, 2024, is our next Scotch Egg Day!

ALL PICK UPS MUST BE SCHEDULED NO LATER THAN May 23, 2024. If you place a pick up order after May 23, 2024, Scotch Eggs will be removed from the order.

Shipping orders will be shipped NO LATER than May 21, 2024. If you live outside of Michigan, all SHIPPING orders should be placed by 11:59PM EST on May 20, 2024 (pending availability). Any shipping orders placed after 11:59PM EST May 20, 2024 will run the risk of having Scotch Eggs removed from the order.

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Customer Reviews

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I found these Scotch eggs dry to eat. Where I come from in the U.K. (Corby. Northamptonshire. I also have family in East Fife. Scotland). Our Scotch eggs are moist and delicious. In my humble opinion, there needs to be more moisture to the Scotch Eggs and as these are a “Homemade Scotch Eggs” recipe, I respect that no two batches are the same, so ingredients can alter from one batch to the next. I’d like to try this product again, but not right now. I wanted to give this online shop a try and I’m glad I did. The Scottish Tablet is delicious. I would love to buy that again soon. I just don’t know how I can justify the expenses to be a regular customer for ALL the items I’d like to buy. That’s Sad; and NOT to be read as a negative review. If you can afford the costs, I recommend this online shop.
Thank you.


I’ve converted my whole family to Scotch eggs! We look forward to them!


Akroyd’s always supplies excellent products! I gladly shop here.