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" We definitely are enjoying our chicken curry pies. The flaky top crust is a delight. The pies themselves were packed with succulent chicken seasoned with a slightly spicy curry flavor. Each one is very filling! At eight pies for $35, what a bargain! <3 " - Rebecca P.

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“I’ve been to the Scottish bakery a few times. As everyone notes, the tarts and tea cakes are EPIC…”  Jeffrey T. RedfordMI

“I felt like I stepped into a tiny corner or
Scotland when I entered the shop." 
Mickie W. BellevilleMI

"I purchased two of the special lemon cakes recently and just wanted to drop you a line to thank you.  These light and delicate little cakes were simply delicious.  If the royal guests enjoyed anything like your creation they were very lucky indeed."  Caroline W.Michigan

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"The  staff are super friendly and the  prices are reasonable for imported goods." Michael M.

"Fantastic meat pies, great selection and quality." Jim R.

"I have been going to Ackroyds for over 50 years. This place brings back so many memories. The meat pies are to die for. Nobody has better shortbread." Ericca W.

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"Wow, these are good. Delicious! Arrived perfectly packaged, properly pre-cooked and frozen. Ordered online from Alaska." Vicki M.

"So happy we used Ackroyds for our wedding! The Scottish baked goods were a huge hit! And we used a big fern cake as our wedding cake! And to top it off the haggis was AMAZING! Thank you so much!" Khyleigh C.

"I'm so damn excited when in the area to stop in. I know it's worthy of a trip there at least once a month to load up on the best short breads and meat pies ever, I also love the Haggis and other very old school sausages not to be found anywhere else in our great state." Al P.

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