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What Happened to Bridies?

Bridies are a traditional Scottish hand pie from Forfar. Very similar to a pasty, Bridies are usually made with pie crust and filled with a mix of ground beef, onion, and seasoning. Ours were nontraditional because we would use puff pastry rather than pie crust. Interestingly, since we shifted away from brick & mortar retail, Bridie sales plummetted. This gave us reason to reflect on why and to shift. 

Beef Sausage Rolls, in contrast, have always sold very well. However, we thought they could use a bit more of a flavorful punch. Bridies and Sausage Rolls were almost identical aside from the onions - the recipes (aside from scale) were the same otherwise. Bridies weren't selling and Sausage Rolls needed more flavor? Let's add onions to the Sausage Rolls! In doing so, this made Bridies redundant so we were able to improve the Sausage Rolls and Bridies have gone away. The only difference now is the shape. Similar to buying Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets versus other nugget shapes, the flavor is the same. 

We also added some lovely Pork Sausage Rolls to our menu. Pork Sausage Rolls were often requested. Ours have garlic & sage and go perfectly with spicy mustard. 

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