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Return of the Steak Pie

After a long hiatus and a much needed facelift, Steak Pies have returned! Historically, steak pies are served at holiday meals, especially Christmas and Hogmanay. 

We spent the better part of the last few months perfecting a steak pie recipe that we really love. While some may be used to the larger steak pies of the past, we have made them smaller (each pie can serve 1 to 2 people). Smaller pies offer benefits larger pies do not. Namely, time to reheat has been cut by about 50%. Our new steak pies can be reheated from frozen in under 30 minutes. Also, smaller pies offer better quality control on our end. 

In terms of quality, these steak pies are vastly different from their predecessor. Before, we relied heavily on the natural flavor of the steak along with some seasoning. Now, we went with a savory gravy that is studded with onion and a dash of thyme. This gravy gives a wonderful explosion of flavor that was missing from the previous version. Finally, we thinned out the puff pastry on top, which also plays into the reduced reheating time.

We are very happy with how these Steak Pies turned out and we hope you are, too! Steak Pies are currently available November through January. You can find them by clicking this link -

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