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Keto Shortbread that tastes Great

When you hear shortbread, you rarely think health food - until now. Yes, maybe using the term "health food," is overselling our Keto Friendly Shortbread a bit, but each shortbread square has less than 1 net carb along with protein and fiber not found in our traditional shortbread. 

We started developing this shortbread when Joe was told by an endocrinologist that he had to get his blood sugar in check. Insulin was going to be very expensive so he decided to try cutting carbs. By no means are his results indicative of anyone else's, but Joe has lowered his blood sugar considerably since cutting carbs (along with exercise). 

One of the main issues we encountered when trying other keto shortbread and cookies was a less than optimal texture. Additionally, we didn't love the flavor. After much searching and baking, we found an excellent keto flour & sweetner from Impact Your Life out of Utah. While the flour isn't gluten free, it does provide a wonderful texture for our shortbread. The sweetner is a blend of monk fruit & erythritol, which lowers the net carbs and has little to no impact on blood sugar.

Our hope is that we can offer great tasting treats to those who might not be able to partake due to sugar content. Maybe you're not diabetic, but simply live a keto lifestyle, that's OK too! Our Keto Friendly Shortbread is currently available exclusively on Amazon in a 3 Flavor Variety Pack (Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Coffee). We will have a chocolate chip version available in the near future!  

Order today by clicking the photo below.

Ackroyd's Keto Friendly Shortbread

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