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Remember Bovril? As you may know, Bovril is banned for import to the United States.

Well, the good folks at Bovrite saw that as an opportunity and developed something very similar. Bovrite is a beefy meat and vegetable extract to spread on toast, bread, and crackers or use to improve flavors of stews and roasts, add to hot water for a hearty beef broth. It's salty, savory, and as delicious as you remember it.

113g jar.

2 Reviews

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    Review Update - It's BETTER that Bovril

    Published by Rob, CA on Jan 23rd 2019

    As it was a bit cheaper (I bought a 3 pack), I had some (real) Bovril shipped from the U.K. and what a disappointment.

    I had to use twice as much Bovril to get the same beefy flavor as Beefy Bovrite and then, on checking the nutrition information, Bovrite has 5 calories/serving, Bovril has 20. Also Bovrite has NO sodium whereas Bovril has close to 500 mg; 20% of your RDA.

    From now on, it's Bovrite for me...

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    Tastes just like Bovril

    Published by Rob, CA on Oct 30th 2018

    Tastes just like I remember Bovril in the U.K. but we never thought to spread Bovril on anything as this stuff advocates. No, Marmite was what we spread on toast for a similar flavor.

    Bovril was mixed with hot water, as a Beefy pick me up. It was almost mandatory (along with a hot pie) at football (soccer) games on a cold, damp, Saturday morning, or added to stews and gravies for extra flavor.

    Seems expensive for a U.S.A. (non-imported) product though.

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