Click & Collect FAQ

What is Click & Collect?
You purchase your order and instead of us shipping it to you we get your order ready for you to our parking lot and we drop off your food
How does Click & Collect work?
After you place your order you will get an email telling you it is being organized. Once the order is ready for you to pick up, you will receive another email telling you that you can come into store and pick up your order. Once you pick up your order you will receive another email to confirm it has been picked up.
What Products can I Click & Collect?
All selected products on our online store are available for Click & Collect.
What does Click & Collect cost?
It is completely free! We do accept gratuities, though!
How do I place a Click & Collect order?
At Checkout choose the "Click & Collect" option instead of Delivery.
How long until my order will be ready to pick up?
For the most part, we can get your order out to you in minutes. During our busiest times (mostly from November through December), pick up times may increase to 20-30 minutes. In rare cases, timeslots may fill up and we will be unable to accept additional orders.