The Simple Joy of a Sliced Sausage Sandwich

The Simple Joy of a Sliced Sausage Sandwich

The food we make isn't fancy in its appearance. We believe in making food that is properly seasoned and easy to prepare. There is no combination where this is more evident than in our Lorne (sliced) sausage and Baps. 

Lorne Sausage is a traditional Scottish uncased sausage made with beef, seasonings, and a binder (we use corn flour). We form each sausage loaf into a rectangle by handpacking it into a loaf pan. Each loaf must sit in a refrigerator overnight for the flavors to marry and to maintian shape. The next day we hand cut slices of Lorne Sausage, pack them in fours, hand wrap, and freeze them. Lorne Sausage can be pan fried or grilled. We suggest using a cast iron skillet for pan frying, but any pan will do. Grilling can happen over direct heat and works brilliantly - adding a hunk of sharp English cheddar on top is awesome, too. 

Back when we had a brick & mortar retail store, Baps were a mainstay. Their delicate crust and pillowy interior make them much more than your average roll. Sometimes called "Scottish brioche," baps also have the slightest bit of sweetness, too. We used to sell baps fully baked but we found that shipping a fully baked bread across the United States often made them stale and unpleasant to eat. We shifted to parbaked baps in early 2021 and haven't looked back. Baps are sold in oven ready trays of 4. We start the baking process here and you finish them at home! A tray of four matches perfectly with our 4 pack of sliced sausage.

Lorne Sausage on a Bap is a quintessential Scottish sandwich. Add your favorite condiment - we love HP Sauce (of course), Colman's Mustard, Branston Pickle, or Hayward's Piccalilli.  This sandwich is infinitely customizable, too. Do you love cheese? Any cheese will do! We love sharp English cheddar, but honestly any cheese works. What about eggs? Now we're getting into breakfast sandwich territory. Scrambled? Fried? Poached? They all work. 

If you're more adventurous, try some black pudding on your sliced sausage sandwich! Oftentimes, both black pudding and sliced sausage are served in a traditional Scottish breakfast, so adding them to the same sandwich is a power move. 

If you're vegetarian, do not worry. Our Baps are definitely vegetarian friendly so you could make your own egg & cheese Bap sandwich because there's nothing quite like fresh baked bread.


For a limited time, purchase two packages of Baps and one package of sliced sausage for $20! No coupon code needed.

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