Teaching Kids a Love of Cooking with Megan & Reed

Teaching Kids a Love of Cooking with Megan & Reed

Megan and Reed joined WXYZ on June 2 to discuss getting your kids involved in the kitchen. They make breakfast puffs with our puff pastry and sliced sausage, which you can purchase below. 

If you remember our Birmigham store, you'll definitely recall that Megan was there throughout her childhood. She would help out wherever she could and really loved it, even as a kid. Teaching a love of cooking is a multi-faceted lesson. As Megan mentions, the act of measuring is essential to bake properly and sometimes those measurements involve fractions and/or conversions. Ultimately, the act of working through a recipe from beginning to end gives us a deeper connection to our food, the many steps involved in creating a dish, and the vast amount of work that goes into each ingredient we use.

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