Schramm's Chrissie Mead Brunch

Schramm's Chrissie Mead Brunch

We love cooking offsite whenever we get the opportunity. This past weekend (March 23 & 24), we had the pleasure of cooking a full Scottish breakfast for guests of Schramm's Mead in celebration of the launch of Chrissie, a mead made with red & black currants.

If you're not familiar with Schramm's Mead, their tasting room is located in Ferndale, MI. In the mead world, Schramm's is synonymous with excellence. It was an honor to cook at this event. 

We are hoping to recreate the magic of this past weekend, when we return to Schramm's Mead for two more brunch services. The first will be on April 27 in support of their Heather Mead, which is made with Scottish Heather honey. The second will be on Mother's Day weekend (May 11 & 12) for a celebration of centered around Patty Fay, a mead made with cranberry and ginger. For ticket and menu information, check out Schramm's Mead Events Page.

Special thanks to Lisa Rajt of Turtle Street Photography for snapping some wonderful photos for us. To see the entire gallery, check out our Facebook page,


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