Megan Interviewed by Corp! Magazine

Feb 4th 2021

Megan Interviewed by Corp! Magazine

Megan was recently interviewed by Karen Dybis of Corp! Magazine about being a female business owner during the pandemic, 

"For Megan Ackroyd, that meant creating new retail hours, boosting ecommerce and changing the way people shop at Ackroyd’s Bakery, according to the third-generation owner and bakery president. Some of her business decisions stemmed from her family’s needs and homeschooling, she said. But the pandemic also sparked an acceleration in what she already knew needed to be done based on her strategic planning for her bakery.

Now, she’s more of the visionary while her personal and professional partner has become more of the daily face of the bakery. Instead of being on call and open for curbside pickup six days a week, they trimmed it back to three. The website grew exponentially. And everyone, including their son, is doing well. 

(Coronavirus) exposed areas that needed help,” Ackroyd said, and that included her day-to-day participation in the business. “My partner (Joe) stepped up in new ways. He evolved drastically as a partner in the business, as well. Now he’s the person who is there every day, steering the ship … That gave me pride in the business – it’s doing its thing, the employees are stepping up and Joe is fantastic. He works all day and still comes home and cooks.”

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