Currant Square Close Up


Recently we have received a lot of questions about our currant squares. Namely, people have questioned the use of raisins versus currants. As many of you know, currant squares are also known as fruit squares, raisin squares, and (most affectionately) fly cemeteries. Currants, especially black/fresh ones, are incredibly tart and not easy to acquire. Dried black currants run close to $5/pound, which is cost prohibitive to us. Instead we have been using Zante currants, or midget raisins, for decades.

We have taste tested squares with dried currants added and the flavor difference does not match what the price difference would be. Rather than pushing that cost on to you, it is our decision that using strictly midget raisins is the best, most cost effective way to maintain the taste and quality you have come to expect from our “fly cemeteries.” For reference, here is a recipe for traditional currant squares As you can see, raisins are used and also recommended if currants are not available.